4 Reasons to Conduct SMS Customer Surveys

How often do you collect input about your business from your customers? Regular customer surveys can help you improve various aspects of your company. For example, a survey can help you decide which new products might appeal to your customers the most. Or perhaps you are interested in learning about how you can improve your customer service.

SMS Customer surveys

SMS customer surveys can help you find out what your customers really think about certain aspects of your business.

A quick survey can help you understand what steps you can take to enhance the customer experience. SMS customer surveys are a useful way to gather feedback from your audience. Here are four benefits of text message surveys.

Better Response Rates

As mobile usage has increased globally, consumers have become more accustomed to interacting with businesses using their smartphones. Recent data suggests that text messages have an open rate of nearly 100 percent. If you choose to collect input from your customers in this way, they will most likely see your message and open it. Response rates may vary from survey to survey, but industry experts estimate that nearly half of mobile users respond to marketing messages sent via SMS.

You Can Collect Feedback Quickly

One of the biggest benefits of conducting an SMS customer survey is that you’ll gather the feedback you need quickly. Traditional paper or email surveys typically require follow ups and an in-depth data gathering process. This is especially true if you are distributing a survey to a large audience. Since mobile users have become so dependent on their devices, you can expect immediate responses in many cases. FireText also offers a unique feature that allows you too quickly analyse your data. It simplifies the survey process considerably.

SMS Customer Surveys are Easy to Launch

Thanks to intuitive platforms like FireText, SMS customer surveys can be launched within a matter of minutes. Not only are they easy to create, they can also be distributed quickly. You can simply upload your list of mobile subscribers, and begin the process. FireText also offers comprehensive support to help guide you through distribution.

Your Audience May be More Likely to Respond Honestly

Are you conducting market research primarily in-store and over the phone? If so, your customers may be telling you what they think you want to hear. Using mobile to collect feedback from your audience may result in more honest responses to your questions. Your customers will likely feel more relaxed and comfortable with providing their feedback through an SMS survey. SMS customer surveys also help your audience feel more in control of the conversation; they can provide candid answers to your questions and respond at their leisure, rather than feel as though they need to share their input immediately.

SMS Customer surveys

SMS customer surveys are a quick way to gather feedback from your audience.

SMS customer surveys are beneficial for your business in several different ways. They allow you to gather feedback quickly, open rates for SMS are high, mobile surveys are easy to create, and your customers may be more inclined to share honest feedback with you via SMS. If you are interested in getting started with a SMS customer survey for your business, try FireText for free today.

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