Add SMS to your customer service tools with Zapier

There are lots of ways you can communicate with your customers to keep them happy and engaged with your brand. Choosing a method that they know and love makes it super-easy for them and automating it into your workflows makes it even easier for you!

Let customers reach you by SMS so they can chat with you on the go, or add new leads and customers to your contact group for future comms. As you grow, and so does your customer list, you’ll want everything to be hooked up automatically so that conversations can flow smoothly. Have you thought about connecting to one of Zapier’s many software apps?

Zapier is hooked up to over 750+ software apps, if you’re looking for something that you use for customer service, there’s 30 you can choose from, including some of your favourites like Freshdesk, Intercom and Zendesk and we’ve put together a few ways you can use these to boost customer service by adding SMS to your communication:

This is just a handful of ideas to get you started, head over to Zapier to explore even more.

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