How to generate SMS leads before Black Friday

Black Friday is a chance to gain more customers, hopefully for the long run. To get prepared, why not start generating SMS leads right now before the big day?

Use social media to pre-empt big offers

Social media is an easy way to encourage your followers to opt in to SMS. As a mobile-dominated medium, it makes sense to naturally guide followers from socials to SMS. And a Black Friday offer is just the hook for new leads.

As an incentive for your users to opt in, you may post something like: Opt in to SMS for early access to our Black Friday deals. Head to the link in our bio.

Our tap-to-text feature is the perfect tool to help you with this. Users simply click a link – in your bio or link tree – and they’re taken to a pre-filled text message box. All they have to do is hit send and they opt in to SMS.

All you need is a FireText reply number, with a keyword set up on it. We can then create the tap-to-text link for you.

Print posters for your shop

A passer-by can scan a QR code to gain access to your Black Friday deals. All they have to do is scan the QR code, and they’ll be taken to a pre-filled text message box with opt-in content to a dedicated number. They hit send and voila, they’re opted in! Try it out below 👇

You can use a tool such as QR code monkey to generate this. Behind the QR code, you will need to have set up a FireText reply number and keyword. We can create this link for you, or you can type this into the ‘SMS’ section of QR code monkey.

Launch a BF pop-up on your website

Another effective tool is a Black Friday pop-up on your website. This is a super topical tool to include on for mobile visitors on your website. All you have to do is build a pop-up with a ‘sign up to SMS’ link.

Much like the social media scenario above, first Upon clicking, the user is taken to a new text message thread, where the message box is pre-filled with an opt-in keyword. All they have to do is hit send to actually opt in. Again, to set this up, you need to have a FireText reply number and a keyword set up on it.

On print advertising

Advertising the classic way? A great tool for this is a keyword on 82228, or the QR code. Our customers have used keywords on 82228 in the past on mediums such as billboards and buses. It’s effective for catching leads with a memorable word and number.

For more info on what you need from each tool, head to our ultimate guide to lead generation. Or get in touch with one of our lovely SMS experts by clicking below 👇

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