Case Study: Classroom Medics are using Zapier!

We’ve been working with lots of customers to help them make the most of our exciting integration with Zapier. This week we caught up with Tom at Classroom Medics who has hooked up Infusionsoft with their FireText account to help automate communication, efficiently and professionally, as well as providing customers with the instant information they need.

The Objective

  • Automate communication
  • Provide customers with instant information
  • Integrate software platforms

The Plan

Classroom Medics provide inspiring medical and sports science workshops for schools; giving students the skills and opportunity to excel in the health sector. They speak at events and shows and wanted a really easy way for their audience to reach out to them instantly for further information.

Classroom Medics

After setting up a keyword on our shortcode, they were able to encourage potential clients at their event to text MEDIC and their email address to 82228 for further information. This enables Tom to collect contact details and follow up with their info pack!

The team at Classroom Medics also use Infusionsoft and when we announced our Zapier integration Tom thought of another way he could use SMS!

When someone enquires or requests an info pack on our website, this adds a tag into Infusionsoft which triggers a Zap. Zapier tells FireText and they instantly get a text message telling them someone will be in touch today as well as confirming they will get something in the post as well.

Infusion sof

Tom explains; “Instant confirmation to the enquirer, makes us look bigger than we are 😉 as well as making us look really professional and switched on!”

The Message

“Hi Sarah thanks for your info pack request. We have put one in the snail mail and sent you an email as well. Check your spam folder just in case it has snuck in there! Drop us a line on (01902) 595 089 if you want to ask any questions.”

The Results

Tom found it all pretty easy to set up. One or two tests were needed to make sure everything was set up right, but that was easy too.

Now the customers get confirmation of their request instantly, the information is sent out and all the software platforms are hooked up. Tom and his team are happy too as it gives them more time in the classroom doing the job they love.

“Love it! Adding text messaging to our tools is a fab way to communicate with people.”

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