Case Study: Collaborate Cornwall

If you need some inspiration on how to use SMS in event planning, take a look at this case study on how Partner to Succeed used SMS to help market their event and boost attendance at their Collaborate Cornwall business conference. 

The Objective

  • To increase attendance at the Collaborate Cornwall business conference.
  • To improve communication with guests pre and post event.

The Plan

A mobile number was collected from each guest on registration so the team could easily compile a contact group specifically for this event. A message was sent to attendees both before the event; to increase attendance and provide useful information, as well as following the event; to gain feedback and enhance the customer experience.

The conference was held in an exciting cinema venue and Partner to Succeed wanted to convey this in their message. The aim was not only to remind guests of start time and provide useful directions but also to increase attendance with an enthusiastic message.

The follow on message was sent at the end of the day whilst thoughts and memories of the event were still fresh in guest’s minds. It left a positive image of the company and opened up communication enabling the team to gain crucial feedback for their next event.

Pre-event Message

“Hey Kate. The red carpet is out! The premiere of Collaborate Cornwall 2012 is showing tomorrow at the Lighthouse Cinema, Newquay and you are on the guest list. We look forward to welcoming you from 9am-9.30am. Map to Mount Wise Car Park The Partner to Succeed team.”

Post-event Message

“Wow – What a day? We hope you found Collaborate Cornwall 2012 a useful and informative event. We’d love to get your feedback – please feel free to send your comments by replying to this message. Thanks for attending! The Partner to Succeed team.”

The Results

Becky Palmer, event organiser said: “The event started on time without an empty seat, and finished with great feedback on our customer service and communication.”

Amongst the feedback was a testimonial from Chris Phillips, Unlocking Potential, who attended the event:

“The text was fantastic, it was short but included all the important details I needed – even a map to the venue! Great service.”

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