Top Tips on Using SMS to Boost Event Attendance

Whether you’re organising a dinner party for 4, or a festival for 40,000, the biggest worry is still the same – will anyone turn up?

If only there was a way of reaching all of your attendees at the click of a button to make special announcements, update with any schedule changes or even improve attendance…

FireText have teamed up with ticketing giant Eventbrite to enable users to send SMS message to their attendees via the FireText platform in an instant.

This real text message; is the perfect example of how to improve communication before an event by being friendly and informative while also increasing brand engagement.

“Hey Kate. The red carpet is out! The premiere of Collaborate Cornwall 2012 is showing tomorrow at the Lighthouse Cinema, Newquay and you are on the guest list. We look forward to welcoming you from 9am-9.30am. Map to Mount Wise Car Park The Partner to Succeed team.”

We think there are four things this text message does really well.


When sending a message to thousands of people it’s easy to forget that each one will be read individually. Addressing the recipient will grab their attention and make them feel instantly important.


Don’t simply state that the event is happening. If they are still unsure of whether or not they will attend this could be what wins them over. Remind them of the event and why it is not to be missed.


Include any important details that could have been forgotten, start time, address etc.


Now that you can include short links in your SMS it’s easy to include a link to a map or further information on your webpage to enrich your SMS with useful content.

If you have an Eventbrite account, just pop your user code into FireText to import your contacts.


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