Case Study:

Tails Case Study produce and deliver freshly-blended, tailor made dry food aimed to meet every dog’s unique needs. Since Tails launched in 2014, they have grown a large community of loyal customers from all over the UK who are seeing the benefits that a tailor-made service can have to their own busy lives.

We had a chat with Bianca, from who explained how she successfully implemented SMS to increase their referral rate amongst existing customers.

The Objective

  • To increase awareness amongst existing customers about their referral scheme
  • To increase new sign ups and conversions through the referral scheme

 The Plan

 Bianca explained she was looking for a way to increase interest in their referral scheme. After a bit of searching around she decided to try out SMS to send reminders to customers about the referral scheme in an attempt to increase referral sign ups.

‘We chose FireText because the platform is very easy to use, and they offer great customer support’ Bianca explained.

A small concern they had before the campaign was that customers might find the messages intrusive, so they sent out a test to a small group of contacts first to see how the messages were going to be received.

tails three bags on table

The only challenge Bianca encountered when implementing the campaign was in getting a complicated message to fit within the creative format. However, once she was happy with the message content, she found that using SMS was a really quick and efficient way to reach customers.

Bianca said, ‘We want our customer comms to be personalised to the specific customer, using their dog’s name where appropriate. In this instance, we also wanted to include their special referral code so that they have it to hand to give to their friends. Using FireText made it really easy to incorporate all of this in the messages.’

The Message

“Lucy! Did you know it’s National Dog Walking Day today? On your walk, why not give a friend a 2 week free trial of (£1 p&p) and get £10 credit for you as a thank you – use your referral code: F64521. Text TASTOP to 82228 to opt out (std. rate msg).”

The Results

 SMS proved to be an efficient channel for us. I could send the message at a time of my choosing, and I knew that customer support was at hand if something went wrong.’

As a result, saw an instant uplift in referrals on the first day their message was sent out. Overall, the message increased their referrals by a 0.4% RR and rising.

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