Connect FireText To Over 400 Web Apps!

We have some news we know lots of our customers will be happy about. We’ve just launched an exciting integration with Zapier!

Zapier is a web automation platform that allows businesses to connect hundreds of web services, like FireText, to many others such as; Freshdesk, Eventbrite and Mailchimp.

Making it super easy for non-developers to connect their software together, saving time and improving productivity.

Our integration, which is quick and easy to set-up, allows you to connect to over 400 popular web applications, enabling you to streamline tasks and boost communication by adding SMS text messages.


Want to send out an order notification by SMS every time a customer purchases something from your online shop? Zapier integrates with over 30 Ecommerce sites.

Need to enable customers to send support tickets by SMS? Zapier has integrations with over 20 customer support platforms.

Want to send event and calendar reminders? Zapier integrates with more than 10 event management web apps.

View full Zapier App Directory.

You’ll need an account with Zapier and one with FireText too, then you can go ahead and start creating Zaps. Not sure how you can use Zapier? Get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

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