Don’t Worry About Opt-Outs.

So you’ve spent months collecting those valuable mobile numbers ready for your SMS campaign to begin, you send your first message, sit back and then you receive ‘STOP’ – aarrgghh!

Nobody likes rejection, so should we forget to inform customers of the opt out and keep sending the unwanted messages? No. That’s the simple answer.

Not only will this annoy your customers and give your business a bad reputation, but it’s also a waste of your time and money. If the customer has taken the decision not to receive your offers, there’s no point in continuing to promote them. You’re better off spending more time focusing on the customers who want to continue to hear about what you’ve got going on and preventing any long term damage.

So, how do you do it?

Anyone can reply STOP to your dedicated FireText number and be taken off the contact list (click here to read the FAQ on adding an opt-out). By offering this get out clause you may lose a couple of contacts from your list but you are retaining your companies honest reputation and great customer service. Just because they’ve decided they no longer want to receive SMS from you doesn’t mean they won’t use you again in the future.

Of course if you are sending out fun and informative messages to your customers then they won’t want to opt out! Head over to our knowledge pages for top tips and advice.

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