FireText integrates with itris 9!

We have some exciting news, our friends over at itris have recently launched their newest product, itris 9 and FireText have been selected as their chosen SMS provider. itris have strived and succeeded in creating an innovative, reliable and intuitive system to share with recruiters worldwide and we’re super pleased to be a part of it!

Having effective communication with your applicants and contacts is essential and SMS is the perfect plug-in for instant and direct communication, which is why itris and FireText are the perfect match! 

Nowadays a person’s mobile will never be more than an arm’s reach away, and people are much more likely to instantly interact with a text message than say an email or phone call, simply because it is direct and efficient. After all, it’s sky-high open rates of 98% are unbeaten! As such it is the perfect way to get in touch in order to send out interview reminders and potential job offers. 

Our dedicated reply numbers also give you the ability to have a two-way conversation with all record types from directly within your itris account. The integration allows you to view full conversation history in the recipient’s record, so it’s super easy to manage too! By offering the ability for your recipients to reply it allows recruiters to engage effortlessly with applicants and contacts which helps to improve relationships.

If you are looking to hook your FireText account up to irtis 9, it’s as simple as setting up the configuration within itris using your FireText API key, you can then specify your settings so that the integration is set up to suit you and your business perfectly.

itris sms integration with FireText

Our team is made up of SMS experts and we would love to share our wealth of experience with you. We believe that no matter the industry or message, it is essential to ensure your communication with your customers is personal and we are here to help you add as much value to your SMS campaigns as possible. 

By avoiding generic content and injecting personality both towards the individual and from your brand, you will see your engagement rates increase massively. On top of this by adding elements of urgency you will encourage your applicants to act on the message right away. This is where a clear call to action is important because it highlights what your applicants need to do next, often this is a great way to track the success of your campaigns too!

We can’t wait to help recruiters across the globe, in sending out their personalised and tailored SMS campaigns and above are just a few suggestions to get you started. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand getting up and running with itris 9 or if you wanted to have a chat about how you can add value to your text campaigns in order to boost your engagement rates, were on standby to help out 🙂

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