Give your business the gift of SMS Marketing this Christmas!

Just like that, the year has flown by and we are in the final few weeks of 2020 already! The countdown to Christmas has begun and despite the unexpected challenges we’ve experienced the Christmas spirits are high and the hunt for the perfect gifts has begun.

Consumers are looking to buy and businesses are wanting to sell and the best form of communication to get in touch throughout the biggest holiday of the year is SMS, and we’re here to tell you why…

Just like with any big spending season, there are irresistible offers everywhere you look and SMS is the best resource to directly communicate with your database and cut through the noise. This is because you don’t need to worry about your message being lost in a crowded mailbox and it’s more efficient and less intrusive than a phone call!

Here are just a few of the ways SMS can help your business this Christmas:

Providing helpful updates to Customers

SMS is perfect for reaching out to customers to provide them with updates and information around Christmas time. Especially for details such as updated opening and closing times, with different Lockdown regulations across the country it can be confusing and as such, it becomes even more important to let customers know when your stores will be open. 

Also if you are introducing new rules and regulations to ensure staff and customers are safe when shopping with you, FireText SMS is the best way to let them know. This also is likely to help increase footfall in your shop as customers will be confident that they are safe when shopping with you. 

Increasing Traffic to your website

Bulk SMS campaigns are the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. Whether you have an awesome Christmas sale to entice them or a new project range for the winter months that they wouldn’t want to miss, you can include a link within your text message to direct recipients right to your website.

What’s also super handy is we have a URL tracker that allows you to track exactly who has clicked on your link, at what time and what device, meaning you can easily track the success of your campaign whilst being able to use the data to plan future campaigns. You even have the option to brand this too!

Sharing last minute offers

If you want to boost sales you can send out a bulk text campaign with a last-minute offer that your customers simply can’t ignore. By sending these out via text you don’t have to worry about your offer landing in a crowded inbox. You can even add an element of urgency to encourage them to engage with it right away!

Also, the friendly SMS experts here at FireText are on standby to help you with your SMS campaigns, by ensuring you are adding as much value to your text messages in order to maximise engagement and boost your ROI.

Share the Christmas Spirit

You can share the Christmas Spirit with your loyal customers, while also boosting your customer retention, by wishing your loyal customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. You could even include an exclusive offer in here too.

This will not only help boost your sales over Christmas but it will leave a positive impression on your customers, resulting in more purchases in the New Year! 

I have highlighted just a few of the many ways SMS can be used this Christmas to help your business, however, if you wanted to chat through any other ideas then please just get in touch. We are here to help you with SMS and ensure you have a successful Christmas 🙂

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