FireText Meet Firefish…

The moment we met with the team over at Firefish software, a recruitment marketing platform, we knew that we were meant to work together!

And now, thanks to our exciting new partnership, its customers can reach candidates directly on their mobile phone screens via FireText!

Excited? You should be. 98% of all text messages are read, 94% are read within five minutes of being received, and 66% of adults in the UK own a smartphone. SMS messages are certainly a smart choice.

What makes Firefish different?

One in three recruitment agencies have a database where only 10% of their candidates’ information is up-to-date in the system. Firefish can increase this to 80% in six months.

Every recruiter’s nightmare is missing out on a placement when the perfect candidate was in their database already, but they didn’t know because the information was out of date. That’s why Firefish doesn’t just store candidate data; it’s an engagement engine designed to help recruiters achieve the maximum placements from that data.


The average recruitment agency has lots of online tools: applicant tracking system, website, job boards, social media. But with little or no integration between them, candidates get lost between the gaps to competing agencies. Firefish leaves no gaps: the applicant tracking system, website, marketing and social channels are all integrated to maximise placement opportunities.

Easily reach candidates with information that matters, get super quick responses, and enjoy increased engagement all from your Firefish dashboard. Get started today!

FireText provide SMS Marketing for your business.
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