FireText’s SMS Message Templates

Here at FireText, we understand that your working day is busy and our focus is to ensure SMS marketing remains the highlight with its ease, simplicity and efficiency. As such, I wanted to highlight one of our handy features that demonstrates this perfectly, our SMS templates.

The templates feature allows you to write out a message and save it so it can be used time and time again for future SMS campaigns. It’s also super easy to edit and delete too, so you can constantly update them so they suit you and your business perfectly. FireText’s SMS message templates are great as it speeds up the process of sending out a text even more, as you simply select your template and your message is ready to go. 

This feature is helpful for multiple use cases, the main one being if you are sending out messages with similar or the same content. For example, if you are using the FireText system to send out transactional messages, such as appointment reminders then you can save a template of the message and simply select it every time you send out a reminder. This means you don’t have to write out the same message every time or worry about having to copy and paste it from somewhere else, it’s simply ready to go within your FireText account whenever you need it.

Another super handy use of the templates feature is if you are managing a team where multiple people will be sending out messages. You have the ability to create message templates on your own account and share them with your team. This way they will all be able to view your list of templates and can use them as and when they need them. You can also add specific templates to specific members of your team if you are managing multiple departments. This helps to maintain the same tone of voice across your team as well as ensuring everyone is sending out the correct messages. 

It’s also great if you simply want to add all of your messages into your account when you have some additional spare time to help prepare for any future campaigns. Then if you’re in a rush later in the week when you need to send your text campaign, the template is there and ready to send. 

You are still able to include our personalisations tags, trackable URLs and emojis within your templates too. So you can continue to create personal and effective SMS campaigns and of course, the friendly team of SMS experts here at FireText can support you with this too. 

It is completely free to get templates enabled so if you’re an existing customer please just get in touch and we can get this toggled onto your account for you in seconds. If you are looking to find out more about our awesome templates feature, or the FireText system in general then we can’t wait to chat with you, just pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will be on standby to help out.

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