Great ways SMS Marketing can be used to reduce your Carbon footprint

Have you ever wondered how everyday communication impacts your carbon footprint?

SMS marketing is the perfect way for your business to have effective communication with both staff and customers while reducing your carbon footprint, to help the environment at the same time.

As an example, if you need to share an attachment, such as a brochure or PDF document with your customers, by sending out a bulk SMS campaign including a link, you will be saving 49.9g co2e, compared with sending an email campaign with it as an attachment. Not to mention the difference when comparing it with sending the brochure in the post, you will be saving 139.9g co2e.

Your business could also decide to send out text message reminders and confirmations instead of making a phone call. Not only will this save time for your team, but it will also save 56.9g co2e.

As a retailer instead of sending out a tweet or an email campaign when you have a sale, you could send out a text marketing campaign. As well as being a more instant and direct form of communication, you are also reducing your carbon footprint, simply by changing your communication channel.

Check out this infographic we’ve put together for you…

The carbon footprint of communication

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