itris customers: 30% extra credits when you purchase in September!

Amazing news for itris customers. As autumn hits and new opportunities arise, we’re offering 30% extra free credits on any FireText purchase you make throughout September (if you’re using itris).

Example: If you top up by 10,000 credits, we’ll add an extra 3,000 to your account free of charge.

How to redeem

First thing’s first. Login to your FireText account (or sign up here to come on board). 

Once you have purchased your desired amount of credits within your FireText account, drop an email to within the next 24 hours of purchasing. Attach the invoice to this email (you will receive your downloadable invoice via email as soon as you have bought your credits). 

Once we have seen your email, we will go ahead and apply the additional free 30% credits to your account. Easy as that!

Terms & Conditions

For itris customers to claim the credits, they must email us at within 24 hours of making the purchase, ensuring that the invoice for the purchased credits is attached to qualify for the extra 30% extra free credit offer.

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