How to send a text message with your company name

Use your company name in the ‘from’ field (AKA the sender ID) when texting your recipients from the FireText platform. They’ll know who you are straight away.

Send text messages with company name

Why send a text from your company name?

Using your company name as the ‘sender ID’ adds a level of reassurance for recipients – like receiving a text from a friend.

An SMS platform is an easy and secure way to do this. You can create and send text messages within your FireText account from your company name, so customers will recognise you immediately. After all, that familiarity – mixed with the convenience and immediacy of a relevant message – is what keeps consumers engaged.

Key things to consider when sending texts from your company name

There’s a word count

Your name in the ‘from’ field must be 3-11 alphanumeric characters long. This is because your name replaces where a number would sit.

We can get creative here. For example, if your company name is ‘Personal Computer Fixers Ltd’, you could change your sender ID to ‘PCFixers’.

It’s perfect if you don’t need replies

When sending from a name, you cannot receive replies, as there is no number for a recipient to reply to. If you did want to receive replies when sending from an SMS platform, you need to send from a reply number to do this. To learn more about your different sender ID and call to action possibilities, head to our extensive blog about SMS sender IDs.

Something many companies do when sending from their name is offer an opt-out in the message. We can create an opt-out landing page, which you can include at the end of your message. For example:

Opt-Out?[Your Custom Opt-out]

You have to send from your own company name

Sounds a bit obvious, but it’s important: Make sure you stick to sending from your company’s name. If you’re an agency working on behalf of a client, make sure you have permission.

It’s time to start texting

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