I’ve got a text!

Love Island has become the talk of the season over the past few years, after becoming ITV2’s most successful show in the history of the channel! It’s a guilty pleasure, which over 3 million people have decided to dedicate the next seven weeks of their life to. With millions of people tuning in to watch a group of singles looking for love and fame this year, it has been hard to avoid and we can’t help but follow the bandwagon here at FireText 🙂

The show is just like any other reality TV series, packed with love, gossip and drama, however, we haven’t failed to miss that these islanders are directed by their phones. Similarly to the rest of their (our) generation, no matter the situation, there isn’t a moment where their devices are more than an arm’s reach away, as they await their next update.

The pure excitement that is passed through the villa when they shout ‘I’ve got a text’ after hearing the sound of their phone go off just demonstrates the instant acknowledgement a text receives, whether you are in the villa or not. Even as viewers we find ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for that text tone to go off and add the next twist in the show.

The texts are sent out to provide the islanders with updates and information, this could be anything from introducing someone new to the villa, sending two people on a date or explaining a new game that they have to take part in. SMS messages are the perfect way to get your information out to the relevant people, no matter the situation and Love Island demonstrates this perfectly, from the wording to the hashtags, one single message can change the whole atmosphere within the villa.

But don’t worry you don’t have to be in the villa to get this reaction, your business can send out an SMS campaign that will have the same impact on your customers. It’s all about creating the perfect message content that your target audience will relate to, emojis are a perfect way to portray emotion with your message. Or simply just consider the choice of your wording and you will be sure to leave your customer feeling embraced by your brand.

Would the show have the same impact with: “I’ve got an email”?

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