Why you should personalise your SMS text message

As I am sure you know, SMS is a great tool which allows you to have an efficient communication channel with a large reach to your potential and current customers. With the already impressive open rates, personalising your messages is only going to send these statistics sky high.

The key thing to remember when sending out your SMS messages is that sending out a text is a more direct and personal form of communication, so, therefore, it is important to inject personality in your message where necessary as it will completely transform your message and how you come across as a business.

Personalising your message can be as simple as addressing your customers by their first name; or including several unique details that are specific to each individual customer. For example, if you were a garage you can utilise SMS to send out your MOT reminders and within your message, you can include their first name, their registration number, the date they had their MOT the previous year and the date it is due to run out this year.

Another example is taken from the hotel industry sending a more detailed welcome text message to arriving guests. Including the weather or some interesting facts about the area, as well as mentioning the name of the staff who will be greeting them at reception. All of these little touches will really help to give your message that extra boost.

From: BeachHotel
Hi Mr Charles, we’re looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow for your stay here at The Beach Hotel. Ellie will be at reception ready to show you to your room and answer any questions. Other than that we hope you enjoy the forecasted blue skies 🙂

Personlise your SMS message

What’s awesome is that with our handy custom field feature, you are still able to send out a bulk campaign to several people while including several unique details, while maintaining the efficiency and success of an SMS campaign. When uploading your numbers into the FireText platform, you also have the option to upload their first name, last name and three custom fields! That’s right – so you can have one standard message that you send out to your whole contact group and it will automatically pull through each personal detail you choose to include, take a peek at how it could look below:

From: FireGarage
“Hi {{firstname}}, just a little reminder that your car had its last MOT on {{custom1}}, it will need renewing before {{custom2}}. Please call {{custom3}} to book your car in for its MOT. I look forward to hearing from you, John from FireGarage”

Not only should you make the message personal to your customer but it also makes a difference when you start making it personal to your company. Simply referring to your business within your messages will help build your brand awareness and it will become a name that people know and trust. Also avoiding any generic information and maintaining your company voice will help to build your brand synergy and generate more of a reaction from those receiving your messages.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly SMS experts today if you have any questions, they are always on hand to help with any future ideas for your message content, so you can make sure your campaigns go that extra mile 🙂

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