Myths of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a strategy that many businesses are starting to wonder how they lived without. Working with text messages every day, I am always coming across different ways they can be used to help businesses. However, there are a few common myths I come across surrounding SMS marketing which I want to clear up.


Myth: Nobody reads their text messages.

One of the most common misconceptions, in fact it’s quite the opposite. How many times have you received a text message you don’t read or delete without opening? 98% of text messages in the UK are opened and the majority of those are read within 5 seconds of receiving them, so they certainly stand up as reliable and instant.

Myth: Bulk SMS is not affordable for small companies

Not true. It’s actually one of the most cost effective forms of communicating with your customers and, if done properly, can see fantastic ROI. Smaller, local businesses are starting to see the benefits that larger national companies have known for a while, and you can see real results without breaking the bank.

Myth: SMS is impersonal

Again, not true. Most mobile users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7 – you can’t get much more personal than that. It does however depend on your campaign and how you convey the message but it’s easy to add a touch of personality to a text. Smaller businesses could have an advantage here, getting to know your customers more personally means contacting them on their mobile is perceived friendly rather than intrusive. Add their name to give it a personal touch and allow replies to leave communication open.

Myth: SMS is dying out

Yes, there are now an increasing number of ways to stay in touch using a mobile phone or tablet but text message has overtaken phone calls and face to face conversation as the most popular way of communicating. They are easily accessible and get the message across in an instant which is all consumers really want. The demise of SMS has been predicted for some time now but it shows no signs of happening anytime soon.

Myth: Social media is better than SMS

There are many benefits to social networking, aside from it being free, it’s a great way to increase your brands online presence and gives you a good insight into your customers. Don’t use it instead of text messaging; you can use it to compliment your SMS campaign by promoting your ‘VIP Text Club’ or giving the option to opt-in online.

So, now you know the truth about SMS marketing, why not give it a go?

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