What are SMS Shortcodes?

An SMS Shortcode is a short text number, for example, FireText has the Shortcode 82228. The Shortcode is specifically designed for inbound SMS campaigns and its purpose is to be easier to read and remember compared with your standard long number. It, therefore, makes it ideal for customers to send a quick text, making it the perfect marketing tool to build your customer database.

FireText offers a shared Shortcode (82228), we then offer Keywords that can be rented off the SMS Shortcode allowing multiple people to have access to the SMS Shortcode at a shared cost.

A keyword is an awesome lead generation tool that allows your customers to text you and be instantly added to your contact list – easily allowing you to collect data as well as allowing customers to engage with your business.

This is a perfect example that shows SMS is not only great for sending out bulk marketing campaigns or individual appointment reminders, but it can also be a great tool for brand awareness and lead generation. As well as offering ease for potential customers to get more information and engage with the business.

As an example, your call to action could be along the lines of:

From: FireFashion
“Text INFO to 82228 to join our marketing list and get the latest information on our hottest deals”

Then when the customer texts INFO to 82228 their contact number gets saved into the FireText system.We have some handy examples of how your business could make the most of SMS Keywords on our Shortcode:


Whether you’re a radio station wanting to offer a solution which allows customers to text in with song requests, feedback or discussions/questions keywords are the perfect resource; Or, if your a business that is running a temporary camping as a radio ad, in order to gain awareness or possible leads, the short memorable number makes it ideal for customers to hear it on the radio and then be able to go ahead and text the number without the possibility of missing a digit – or feeling rushed to make a note of it.


Utilising a keyword on our Shortcode is also great if you’re running a competition within your business. You could choose to have the keyword ‘WIN’ and when people text this to 82228 their details will be saved into your database, therefore making it effortless for both the customer and the business and while you are gaining entries for your competition you are also able to grow your customer base.


If you’re running an event, whether it is a music festival or an art show, a Keyword on our Shortcode could be the perfect addition to your marketing campaigns. They could be used in many ways, such as ticket generation, if you are advertising ‘early bird’ tickets they could text in and you can set up a handy auto-reply on your keyword so they receive a special link. Or they could text in to receive any handy updates and because their number would be automatically updated to your contact list, it will make it super efficient to then send them more information whether its timings, new acts that are being released or any possible changes.


We have some customers that think outside of the box when it comes to their customer experience. For example, food delivery companies or cafes are simplifying their order process and make it more efficient by using text keywords. So as an example, your keyword could be COFFEE, you could then instruct customers to text COFFEE to 82228 followed by the type of coffee they would like. So when your customer is in a rush to get to work but needs their morning coffee, they can text when they leave and their coffee will be ready for them. These added benefits impress your customers and will help increase your customer loyalty.

These are just a few of the many ways we have seen Keywords make a positive impact, for increased brand awareness and sales, for a range of different businesses. Get in touch with a member of our team today, to discuss ideas and find out more 🙂

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