3 Ways Day Nurseries Can Benefit from Using SMS Messaging

Are you a day nursery manager that’s interested in improving communication with your staff members and parents? Perhaps you are feeling discouraged by a lack of parental involvement or maybe you’re simply looking for a way to create a stronger team of teachers.

Creating an SMS messaging system for your day nursery may help you achieve your communication goals. In recent years, many day nurseries in the UK have begun using SMS messaging. Here are a few of the benefits of using mobile to connect with your team and parents of your students.


SMS Messages as a Reminder Tool

Is your day nursery hosting a special event, such as a fundraiser or theatrical production? Or perhaps you’ve scheduled a conference night for parents and teachers to meet or a special theme day for your students. If you’ve felt frustrated in the past because many of your parents have forgotten about events sponsored by your nursery, SMS messaging can help. Sending out a timely text message the day of a sponsored event is an effective way to remind parents of the schedule. Since most adults in the UK have access to mobile phones, you can feel confident that your message will be received.

Using Mobile to Share Updates with Parents

Many parents feel anxious about dropping their children off at nursery. Maybe they’ve just moved to a new home in the area and their child is adjusting to a different routine, or perhaps their child is going through a tough phase and they are asking teachers for regular updates on their progress. Mobile can be used to share daily or weekly updates with parents. For example, teachers may send out quick progress reports to parents via SMS messaging during lunch or at the end of each day. Knowing how their child is doing while at nursery can help set a parent’s mind at ease during the workday.

Quick Communication Tool in Case of Emergency

In recent years, media reports of emergencies at schools have increased. While an emergency situation is something that no day nursery manager ever wants to think of, it’s important to have safety protocol in place. Many day nurseries have implemented SMS messaging systems to keep staff members and parents connected in the event of an emergency. If a potentially dangerous situation occurs at your school, group texts can be distributed to inform your staff members quickly so they can get children to safety. This simple yet effective communication tool can save lives in the event of an emergency.

SMS messaging

Mobile can be used to share progress updates with parents throughout the day.

Day nursery managers can use SMS messaging in a number of ways to improve their business. Mobile can help you remind parents of important events and increase parental involvement in special programs at your nursery. SMS messaging can also be used to update parents on their children’s progress at school, and communicate with them quickly in the event of an emergency. If you are a day nursery manager that’s interested in exploring SMS messaging for your business, try FireText for free today.

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