All About Our New-Look Web App

The team here at FireText are super-excited to show you what we’ve been working away on over the past few months. Our brand new-look SMS platform.

We gathered tons of feedback from our lovely customers and working closely with designers and developers, we’ve made a raft of improvements for an even better FireText experience!  Without making any drastic changes, we set about giving the web app a little nip and tuck…


After hearing how much everyone loved the existing platform, keeping it familiar for our regular users was the first priority. We’ve kept the headers and layout the same and added a few design tweaks and additional features to make managing your SMS campaigns even easier.

We’ve tidied up the options and made the menus really clear to ensure the platform is easy and quick to navigate, this is especially important if you’re on a deadline to get those time-bound campaigns out to your customers.

Notes from our design team: We’ve kept the layout inline with current site. You’ll notice the quick links to each section are now in a grey bar. This is so we can expand the menu over time to launch cool new features



From reporting on your campaigns to managing your contacts, it’s never been so simple! The download options and search functions are really easy to find and the new-look report charts have an updated design and are even easier to read and analyse.

Your contacts are the heart of your campaigns, now you can see the details at a quick glance including names and custom fields. Switching between groups as well as adding new contacts is as quick as ever.

Notes from our design team: We’ve been through so many of the little details which make your experience efficient, yet satisfying. The contact information is now easier to read, yet retains the fast interactions that have made our platform a favourite.



Configuring your FireText account is a breeze. We have a huge array of advanced features, yet we’re keeping the experience efficient with the most used features prominent. Over the next several months, we’ll be adding more and more features for you to tailor your FireText experience.

Notes from our design team: We have a large array of advanced features, which over the years we tailor and customise just for you. The new settings pages, allows to offer these out of the box as they become available.


Login now and take a look for yourself! Need a tour? Get in touch with the team.


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