How to Offer the Right Incentives in Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

In order for your text message marketing campaign to be successful, you have to have the right incentives for your audience. Texting is an opt-in service, which means that people need to want to sign up before you have a subscriber list to whom you can send messages. Some of the most popular motivations for subscribe are discounts or offers on goods and services, but there are other types of incentives your customer pool may want, such as VIP access.

It is important you choose the right incentives for your audience; otherwise, you may find it difficult to grow your subscriber list. There are a few actions you can take to ensure you choose the right incentives to build a strong list of potential customers.

Set a Goal

Discuss your intended outcome before you start considering incentives.

Before developing a marketing plan, it is important to first recognise your goal. Setting goals gives you an idea of why you are using text messaging for your business, as well as what types of incentives to use. For example, if you want to grow your subscriber list, the right incentive may be different than if you want to get more people to buy your goods and services.

Know Your Audience

You need to recognise your target audience before you can develop the best incentive. For example, a certain group may prefer free drinks over free admission to your nightclub. You may also have different groups, each of which has its own type of incentive. To learn more about your audience, you can look at your customer data, conduct market research, think like a customer, and send out surveys, among other actions, according to Business News Daily.

Look at Your Competition

Consider what your competition offers to ensure you offer something unique.

Looking at what your competition does can provide some insights into which incentives work — and which do not. This also helps you to develop incentives that are unique to stand out from the competition, rather than providing the same type of rewards as they do. If your competition does not use text message marketing, then you could still gain some insight by reviewing what type of rewards and incentives they offer subscribers through their email and social media campaigns.

Consider Value, Relevancy, and Worth

Whatever type of incentive or reward you offer needs to be measurable. Therefore, you need to always consider the value, relevancy, and worth of anything you provide. You have to find the perfect balance between offering something that your customers want and see as worthwhile without costing you so much money that you end up in the red.

Many valuable incentives are simply discounts and offers, such as a percentage off an item or something for free. However, not all incentives have monetary value; some are valuable for other reasons. For example, you can provide VIP access to customers, allow early access to buying new items or tickets to events, impart breaking news, and make your customers feel part of an exclusive club.

Don’t Forget to Reward Loyalty

Continue to reward your loyal subscribers with special offers.

When developing ideas for incentives, it is best to not just concentrate on those you provide for signing up to receive messages from your company. It is important to also continue to reward your subscribers over time, especially those who also become loyal customers. Use your customer data to segment your subscribers into groups to receive different types of messages. You can send those who frequent your establishment rewards as a way to thank them for their loyalty, and you can send a different type of incentive to those who may have been distant for a while.

It is important to find the right incentive to help grow your text message marketing campaign. By taking the time to research your intentions, customers, and competition, you can better create content that truly has value for your customers. This always makes for the best incentive and motivation to join your list. Your subscribers will not only enjoy receiving your messages, but they will also tell their friends and family, helping your list grow even more.

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