Automate Text Messages From Salesforce With Zapier

We revealed last month that we’d hooked up with Zapier and its 400+ web apps to help you automate your workflow. Let’s take a closer look on how this might be useful.

Salesforce speeds up and streamlines all phases of sales, from lead management through to clinching the deal helping you to connect with your customers instantly and efficiently.

Now you can add SMS automation into the sales process via FireText with the help of Zapier.

How can I use it?

When a new contact is added to Salesforce, automatically add it to your FireText account so you can send SMS messages to them in an instant.


When a new opportunity is created in Salesforce, send a text message via FireText so that users are notified instantly.


Create a new case via text message with a FireText inbound number connected up to your Salesforce account.


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