How-To: Send a Message

Sending a message has never been so easy!

STEP 1: Go to the SEND tab

STEP 2: Select a group in the TO drop down box, or, if you want to send an individual message click send an individual message underneath the drop down box.

STEP 3: Enter your senderID in the FROM box (remember this can’t be over 11 alphanumeric characters)


Now it’s time to compose your message (you have a character count underneath the message box to help you keep tabs on how long your message is)

1 credit is a 160 character message, you can have up to 612 characters in one message

STEP 4: When you’re happy hit SEND

STEP 5: You’ll be asked to confirm the amount of credits by clicking SEND NOW


Good work you’ve just sent your first message 🙂

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