Case Study: Diamond Integrate SMS with itris Recruitment Software

We had a chat with Karen Hill from Diamond Recruitment Group who is staying up to date with candidates using SMS. She explains how FireText’s integration with itris makes it easy to send messages to candidates from within their existing software.

The Objective

  • Stay in touch with candidates
  • Provide instant reminders to casual workers

The Plan

Diamond Recruitment Group is a leading Recruitment Agency in Northern Ireland. With offices throughout Northern Ireland, they specialise in helping people find jobs in Belfast and all over the UK. The friendly team at Diamond Recruitment Group focus in connecting job seekers with the perfect contract, temporary or permanent recruitment opportunity to suit their experience and skill set.

With a temporary workforce of 2,000 they needed to find a quick and easy way to communicate about shift changes and availability. In addition to this they need to be able to communicate new job opportunities to candidates searching for work using a reliable method that is both time-effective for their team, discreet and can be accessed at the candidate’s convenience.


Karen is the Systems Administrator at Diamond and works closely with the team at itris who provide their recruitment software.  With so many candidates to manage, calling each one would not only be time consuming, but was also not always convenient for job-seekers to take the call.

Karen tell us: “The use of SMS was the obvious choice, as the majority of our candidates & temporary workers have a mobile phone.  We can send a message that they can then pick up during work breaks, after work or a time convenient to them.”

Rather than introduce another system to their consultants, Karen was looking for something that would integrate with the text function available on our CRM system, itris.

The integration was set up in a few hours and Karen was able to start sending SMS messages to both individuals and groups all from within their current software platform straight away.

The Message

“Hi Dan, I have rearranged your interview for tomorrow at 2pm can you confirm you will be attending Thanks Julie @ Diamond 028 90 558000”

“Hi, we’ve got a shift for you tomorrow at 6am in Riblets, bus leaves at 4:15am. Thanks Diamond”

The Results

Karen explains how the introduction of SMS as a communication tool has helped them keep candidates up to date with jobs and saved the time.

“The process is seamless & this is exactly what we need in terms of quality of service to our temporary workers, candidates & our staff.  It has made life easier for all involved & opened up two-way communication with our target audience.”

“Our text messages are sent instantaneously & integrates perfectly with itris to record the messages sent & replies received.”

“We can now stay in touch with all our candidates at the click of a button, with confidence that they’ve got the message. Our team here are really busy so learning a new piece of software was out of the question – the itris integration allowed us to add SMS to our communication really simply. We’re seeing great results but with little effort from us.”

Our integrations make it really easy to add SMS to your existing software! Have you thought about adding SMS to your communication tool kit?

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