How to Use SMS for eCommerce Order Notifications

With a number of handy order stages in online stores, you might be wondering where the best place is to trigger SMS notifications. Ultimately, some of the order stages will be more relevant to your business than others depending on how you run your online store.

Let’s take a look at what the order stages mean and how SMS can be used at each stage to add customer value throughout the order process. The following examples are for a skate clothes shop –whilst reading this have a think about how the tone of your messages could match your brand?

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Order Creation

Woohoo! You have received a new order through your online store. Now you have the perfect opportunity to get personal. Start the conversation with your customers by saying thank you.

“Great choice there Alec! I’ll get your order ready and let you know when it’s on the way – it won’t be long before you can rock out your new look! Cheers, Tim.”

Order on Hold

This order stage will be relevant if you accept orders on out of stock items. Let customers know that new stock is on its way. Your prompt and personal text will give them reassurance that new arrivals will arrive soon.

“Hey Alec, one of your items is currently out of stock but no need to bail – we’re on the case and replacements are already on the way! Thanks, Tim.”

Order Complete

Another successful order is on its way in the post. While you let your happy customers know their order has been despatched, why not get them to follow you on social media? Use a URL link shortener to make sure this fits nicely in the 160 character limit.

“Epic news Alec, your order is on its way! I’m sure you’re feeling stoked so, while you wait, why not follow us on Facebook?

Order Cancelled

Haven’t received a payment? SMS is both a polite and cost-effective way to let customers know that their orders have been cancelled and get them to take action if they are still interested.

“Oops! Sorry to bail Alec but your order with SK8 has been cancelled as we have not received payment. To reopen the order visit us at”

Order Closed (Payment Refund)

Sometimes not everything goes to plan and you need to refund an order. Whatever happens, make sure you demonstrate your excellent customer service with a follow up text, your customers will appreciate clear lines of communication.

Are you a stat-fan? – According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a happy customer who gets their issue resolved is likely to tell 4-6 people about their positive experience.

“Hey Alec, your order has been cancelled and refunded as requested. We hope to see you again soon – keep it real.”

Final Word

SMS is a fantastic opportunity to move away from stale email order notifications and gives you a greater ability to connect with your customers. Using SMS for order notifications is now being recognised as a hidden gem for building customer loyalty, driving word of mouth and increasing repeat purchases. People have been using SMS to text friends and family for many years and this makes it a very personal channel – get it right and you’re quids in!

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