Dispelling 5 Common SMS Marketing Myths

Many companies remain reluctant to begin a text message marketing campaign, despite all the positive case studies and proof that this method of mobile communication isn’t going anywhere. Most of the hesitancy for getting started with this viable marketing strategy is due to rumours, rather than truth. The following facts can help you make a more educated decision on whether or not text marketing is right for your business.

People Find Commercial Text Messages Annoying

SMS marketing

Many consumers want to receive messages from their favorite businesses.

This enduring myth prevents many companies from adding SMS marketing to their advertising arsenal. The truth is that this type of marketing is an opt-in campaign. This means that the people to whom you send messages have signed up to communicate with your business in this way, so they want to receive your messages. It is not just a small percentage of potential customers who would be willing to sign up for your program, either. Approximately 57 percent of customers show interest in joining a company’s SMS marketing list.

Only Teenagers and Young Adults Text

Another common myth surrounding SMS marketing is that it only works for businesses targeting a younger demographic. However, it is not just teenagers and young adults who text; older generations also use their mobile phones for texting and are willing to receive messages from their favourite companies. Older consumers are some of the fastest adopters of technology, including text messaging.

SMS Marketing is a Passing Trend

SMS marketing

Your marketing team should not dismiss texting as a passing trend; it is here to stay.

Many marketers have put off adding text messages to their campaigns because they believe it is simply a passing trend. However, texting has been around for almost 15 years and is becoming more popular, rather than showing signs of stopping. Almost 90 percent of executives either have already implemented a text messaging campaign or plan to do so in the next year, according to a recent report from Message Systems. If you want to continue to keep up with your competition, then it is imperative that you start to view text message marketing as not just a passing trend but an invaluable tool that is here to stay.

Consumers do not React to Text Messages

Text messages by nature are small at only 160 characters, which sometimes makes it difficult to include the right calls to action to get customers to engage. This has created a sense that text messages only impart information but don’t entice customers to take action. However, text messages actually have one of the highest conversion rates when compared to other marketing channels. Additionally, texting is a more immediate and personal medium of communication, which increases the chance that customers will take the action you want them to do so. At an almost 100 percent open rate, you can also guarantee your messages are being received.

Small Businesses do not Benefit from SMS

SMS marketing

SMS marketing provides many benefits to small businesses.

Small businesses typically have a smaller marketing budget then larger companies. This often means they have to pick and choose what campaigns to implement. Many marketers do not believe that a small business could benefit from an SMS campaign, so they continue using traditional marketing channels. However, text message marketing can actually benefit smaller companies more than their larger counterparts. Text messaging is a relatively inexpensive marketing channel with impressive conversion rates, which can lead to a high return on investment. It is also worth noting that all messages are simple and text-based. Texts from large companies and smaller businesses will appear similar. This can help to even out the playing field.

Many of the rumours and myths surrounding SMS marketing are just that: fiction. Instead of believing the misinformation surrounding this invaluable marketing channel, you should see how it can help your bottom line. If you are ready to get started with SMS marketing for your business, try FireText for free.

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