Everything You Need to Know about Using Keywords in SMS Marketing

Keywords are most often associated with digital marketing, especially with search engine optimization in blogging and website development. They also play a key role in getting the most out of SMS marketing, even if companies may not immediately associate the term with text messaging. To best benefit from using keywords in your company’s text messaging efforts, you first need to understand their purpose and how to employ them.

What are Keywords?

Keywords in text message marketing refer to unique terms, which can include letters and/or numbers, used for communicating between you and your clients or customers. The keywords are associated with a short code, which is a five or six digit phone number the customer uses to text the word or phrase to you. An example of this type of keyword is when an advertisement says text “change” to 82228. Then, the company will reply with a pre-determined message, which may be an offer code or a code relevant to the message.

Potential customers text the keyword to your short code.

You can choose dedicated or shared short codes, some of which may be shared across wireless companies. A shared short code is one that is used by multiple clients, while a dedicated is one that will be used exclusively by one client. It is typically less expensive to use a shared short code, but some companies prefer to use a unique code. The type that you choose to use will be determined by your company’s marketing goals and budget.

Why do Businesses Use Keywords?

There are many different reasons for a company to use keywords as part of their SMS marketing campaigns. One of the largest applications of keywords is a simple call to action. For example, a phrase that encourages people to text a certain word or phrase to a number can be incorporated into advertising across platforms, including print advertising, online, social media campaigns, business cards, menus, television and radio, and any other marketing channel.

Incorporate SMS keywords in your text marketing campaign’s call to action.

When a potential customer sees the advertisement, he or she can take action by sending a text message to the keyword and obtaining additional information or promotional material from you.

Another reason to use keywords is to easily send a relevant auto-reply to customers as another avenue of customer service. You can set up certain replies to inquiries that incorporate specific keywords to enhance customer communication.

What are the Long-term Benefits?

Keywords provide a few distinct advantages for your business. One significant advantage is that you can easily track how people discovered your company. By employing different keywords for different ads, you can monitor which advertisements are generating the most interest and use this data to build more successful campaigns in the future. You can also use keywords to gain valuable insight into which products are most popular with your audience.

Using keywords in advertising campaigns can also help you to expand your contact list. When potential customers text you in response to an ad, they will be added to your mobile subscriber list. You can continue to send them text messages, such as special promotions or useful tips. You also are able to set up an auto-reply message, ensuring that no matter when a customer sends you a text, they will receive a response with a relevant message.

With so many different advantages and purposes for keywords in SMS marketing, it is important to know the right ways to employ them. Learn more about using keywords for SMS marketing here.

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