Introducing Text Keywords on 82228

We’re excited to introduce the latest member of the FireText team; 82228, our very own shortcode.

Keywords are available to rent on 82228 enabling you to generate leads and collect inbound messages from your marketing campaigns, simply and quickly!

What is a keyword?

A keyword is simply a word associated with your business which customers can use to easily get in touch with you on our memorable short code number. You can use it as a quick and simple call-to-action across all of your marketing campaigns on and offline. From leaflets, company vans, business cards and print advertisements to your website, social media and radio campaigns – you can advertise it absolutely everywhere! 


All enquiries to your keyword go straight to you so you can offer the shortcode as a simple and easy way for customers to reach you.

Why do I need one?

First and foremost you will show yourself as a forward thinking company by adding mobile to your marketing mix.

Advertising a keyword will generate leads and help build your opt-in database by enabling customers, who are interested in your products and services, to sign up to offers and promotions from you. It makes the process of building your database of contacts quick and easy for both you and your customers.

Sending a text is not only a cost effective way for customers to contact you but also can be done at a time and place that’s convenient.

How will I use it?

Promote it with your contact details and anywhere you use a call to action – print advertising, in your store, website, business cards, menu’s – anywhere and everywhere!

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