Feature Update: SMS Sub-Accounts

The team here at FireText are always listening to your requests in order to ensure the platform is packed with lots of helpful SMS Features for your business text campaigns. Whether we are rolling out new features or updating our existing ones we are always working hard to make sure the platform is perfect for every business!

Today Iā€™m excited to bring you our new and improved sub-accounts feature. FireText sub-accounts are perfect for larger businesses or users who manage a team as it gives you the ability to issue everyone with their own log in details and FireText account. This helps to ensure the system remains secure and manageable.

We understand that every business is different and as such the requirements will vary, therefore it is our top priority to ensure the system remains simple while also being super versatile and our sub-accounts feature is exactly that.

Previously sub-accounts would act completely independently to one another so data such as messages and contacts would not be shared however the admin account could easily manage billing and see messages sent across all of the sub-accounts. This is perfect for companies who use SMS for different purposes across different departments, as it keeps the accounts linked to share billing, as well as the admin still having the ability to monitor and control the usage across all the accounts, while still remaining separate.

Recently the team have made some updates to our sub-accounts feature, which means you can now also choose to share data across your infrastructure, as such, each account will still have its own login details however once they are logged in things such as message content and contacts will be shared across all users. This is great when you want to have multiple users who can access the same account, while still maintaining high security as login details won’t need to be shared across a team.

SMS Sub Accounts


This feature can be applied to your account at no additional cost just simply get in touch with a friendly member of our team and they will be able to get you up and running with the best option in no time!

We are also here on standby should you want to chat through your SMS plans and get some more details on all of the awesome features included within the FireText platform. We will help you kickstart your SMS journey in no time at all šŸ™‚

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