Five businesses doing SMS awesomely!

The simple and powerful, 160-character text message is so versatile and there are so many creative ways you can use it for communication. Rather than simply give you a list, we wanted to give some real examples of how our customers are sending (and receiving) awesome marketing and communication campaigns using the clever SMS.

Bloom & Wild add an SMS number to their Google Adwords

Bloom & Wild may be late to the flower delivery game – but they are smashing it. They know the importance of customer communication and are using SMS to support this. Not only do they offer SMS support services, they also include a SMS number on their Google AdWords ads, so if a customer is browsing on their mobile they can click to send a text via the Google ad and get in touch with Bloom & Wild in an instant – awesome.

Little Nan’s collect contacts with an inbound keyword campaign

If you haven’t been to one of Little Nan’s many travelling cocktail dens, you absolutely should! The kitch bars pop-up all over London to serve afternoon tea and cocktails in teapots and owner and Grandson Tristan keeps his followers up to date of their next venue by SMS. How does he collect these numbers? By offering a free candy shot for everyone texting in their number to sign up to the SMS list of course. A great way to collect contacts from loyal customers.

Neom Organics schedule regular messages as part of their 28 day happiness programme

If you’re looking for ways to escape and balance your otherwise busy life, Neom Organics offer a free 28 day happiness programme which encourages you to add daily activities to your routine to help lift your mood. During the programme Neom Organics wanted to send out reminders by SMS to ensure customers were reminded to take part and the success shows in the results – 98% of their customers on the programme reported feeling uplifted after 28 days. These messages can be scheduled in advance from the platform, making it super-easy to set up too. drive traffic to their website

Online retailer and firm favourite with shopaholics; are always looking for new ways to reach their younger audience. With 80% of their email campaigns being viewed on a mobile device, they decided to add SMS to the communication mix to allow them to target their audience and benefit from high open-rates. Including UTM tracking and unique SMS codes means they can also intelligently track campaign results and they have reported a very healthy uplift in revenues.

Paul Ainsworth sent personal news of his restaurant award nomination

We love the team over at Paul Ainsworth’s No 6 Restaurant, not only is their food amazing, they also have some of the best customer service we know of. They demonstrated this perfectly with a SMS awareness campaign to let all of their clients know about an award they’d been nominated for. The super-personal and well thought out message saw one of the highest click through rates we’ve ever seen from a client – and of course, they won the award.

This is just a handful of creative ways you can add SMS to your communication, we have lots more tips, tricks and ideas in our knowledge pages, or just ask.

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