Add SMS Message Extensions to your Google Adwords

We already know that our smartphones are the first place we turn to for communication or to search for info and now the clever chaps over at Google have found yet another way to combine the two. If you’re using AdWords for your business, you’ll love this new extension which allows you to receive text enquiries directly from your mobile advert…

Google’s AdWords platform is a great way to run targeted campaigns to promote your business, and if you’re running your campaigns on mobile it’s worth taking a look at the new ‘message extension’ feature which allows you to add an SMS number to your advert for customers to simply click and create a SMS enquiry which will be sent automatically in to your FireText inbox.

Our lovely customers Bloom & Wild who specialise in flower delivery, have done just that! At the bottom of their ad, shown here displayed on a mobile phone, shows a button to ‘Text For Our Flower Delivery Info’



When this link is clicked, three options have been created to help direct the customer’s enquiry in the right direction whilst also making it really easy for the customer to send a text enquiry straight in. These options can be set-up in your AdWords account in AD EXTENSIONS > VIEW: MESSAGE EXTENSIONS


When the option to send a text is clicked, your phone will automatically open a new message to the SMS number that’s been added to your message extension in AdWords. You can even pre-populate some message content to help the customer with their enquiry making sure it’ super easy to reach you whilst also pointing the text to the right place.


How smart is that?

It can be used to target new leads, existing customers or just about anyone who wants to reach you. What’s more, because everything is managed in your Google account and your FireText inbox it’s easy to track too – and who doesn’t want more data on their customers activity.

You’ll need to be using Google AdWords and will need a FireText reply number – which can be added instantly. Try it out and let us know how you get on!

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