How SMS Keywords Could Avoid Some Basic QR Code Fails

At FireText we have our finger on the pulse of mobile marketing so that we can accurately advise you, our dear customers, on the best times to use SMS – and help you to avoid any blunders.

In this post, we bring you 3 light-hearted QR code attempts that sadly hit brick walls and explain how SMS marketing would have been a better choice.
QR Code vs SMS - Brickwall class=

Mind the gap!

We wouldn’t like to be the poor customers scanning this poster. Placed on the wrong side of the rails, this campaign is simply dangerous!

QR Code Fail 1

We are assuming that this QR code is placed in an area of signal (not in the underground) – if not, then it is a double blunder!

Ice and a slice?

QR code fail on a straw

Unfortunately this QR code fails because the customer would have to slice the straw down the middle and flatten the surface in order to scan the code – whoops!

Try scanning this!

QR code on aeroplane

Yes, believe it or not, that is a QR code attached to the back of the aircraft. Unfortunately, we don’t know who was behind this campaign – with no call to action and a difficult moving target, this is a rather expensive fail!

SMS keywords to save the day!

In all of the above examples, QR codes could have been replaced with SMS keywords to great effect.

SMS keywords offer a fantastic way of growing your mobile marketing contact list. You have probably seen them on promotional material before e.g. a poster that might say:

‘To receive exclusive SMS offers, text SHOES to 82228’

In this case, any customers who text the keyword ‘SHOES’ would be automatically added to your contact list in FireText to receive your offers on future marketing campaigns. An autoreply could then be set up containing a link to immediately respond to the customer with online content – cutting out the need for an awkwardly positioned QR code whilst also capturing the customers details!

Using SMS keywords as a call to action can be completed from a distance, printed on any promotional material big or small and, most importantly, keywords won’t leave you red-faced!

Could you use SMS keywords in your marketing?

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