How-To: Format Numbers in Excel

FireText supports UK and international mobile numbers. If you have an international FireText account you will need to upload all of your numbers (including UK numbers) with the correct country codes in front of them.

If you are a company based in the UK, it is unlikely that all of your UK numbers start with a 7 or 07, not with a 44 or +44. If this is the case, don’t panic! By using this simple trick in Excel we can get your numbers into an international format in no time!

(You’ll notice that when you enter your numbers to an Excel spreadsheet, Excel automatically removes the first zero. For a UK account this isn’t a problem as FireText will still count them as a valid mobile number, however, an international account will count these as Russian mobile numbers if we don’t format them first!)

STEP 1: Open your Excel spreadsheet

STEP 2: Make sure that all mobile numbers are running down one column


STEP 3: Click the blank box in the column right of the first number

STEP 4: In this blank box enter =CONCATENATE(44,A1) and hit enter


STEP 5: Grab the corner of this box and drag down throughout all of the numbers going down the original column

STEP 6: This will fill the new column with all of the mobile numbers now including the 44 country code in front of them


STEP 7: Now copy this column and paste over the old column

STEP 8: Save the file in a CSV format and you’re ready to upload your contacts to FireText!

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