Join Up Your Email and SMS Marketing for Effective Communication

If you want to successfully market your business, you’ll have a whole range of tools to help you communicate with customers effectively. Using a single communication method for every broadcast can limit you and means your message might not always get through; to get the best results it’s all about making your communication channels work together.

If you place an advert in a newspaper or distribute a flyer, how do you know how well it has done? You’re left with only brand awareness to measure ROI, whereas if you place an SMS call to action on that newspaper advert you could see that you had x number of people requesting further information as a direct result because of the keyword used in the advert. Different keywords could be used for different mediums, acting as a unique identifier per medium allowing you to identify the most effective campaigns and stream line future campaigns.

For short, sharp, time-bound campaigns that must be read instantly, SMS is the perfect tool.

Along with our friends over at Constant Contact, we’re here to help you join up your communications to get the most out of your marketing.

Take Happy Feet for example, they send beautifully designed emails to their subscribers every month to keep them informed of new products, collections and to drive traffic to their website:


When they are holding an exclusive sale on their shoes and need to get the message out quick, they can send a perfectly timed SMS message to all of their subscribers, delivered instantly to their pockets.


To keep in regular contact with your customers, email marketing is ideal. Whether you want to share your latest blog post, give some useful advice or promote your latest offer, a newsletter will help you keep your audience up to date.

When SMS and email are combined as part of a wider communication strategy they complement each other ensuring effective communication at all times between you and your customers.

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