Make Sure the Easter Bunny Brings you Lots of Happy Customers

The sun is out, the Easter Bunny is on the way and everyone’s looking forward to the bank holiday weekend.

There’s lots of exciting things going on around the UK over the next few days. Whatever you have planned for your business; make sure your customers pay you a visit when they are out and about this Easter.



Are you holding an event this weekend? SMS messages can be a great way of communicating with guests, pre and post event. Remind them of start time, details of what’s happening on the day or a link to directions to make sure your event is full of lots of happy people.


You have put lots of effort into organising something this weekend; now make sure you shout about it! If you want to guarantee your message is seen almost instantly, SMS is the perfect solution. 98% of text messages are read so it’s a sure-fire way of reaching all of your customers, even at the very last minute.


If you have a sale or promotion happening this Easter, let your customers know with a simple and effective SMS. Not only will your message be seen instantly, but it takes just minutes to send out meaning you can get on with preparing for them all to arrive.


Easter is the perfect excuse to treat yourself (we’ve already munched through far too many Easter eggs in the FireText office). Treat your loyal customers too by sending them a discount or voucher straight to their mobile phone.


Communication works best when it goes two ways. Giving customers the facility to reply back to your message will open up communication and provide customers with an easy and convenient way of getting in touch with you.


Remind customers you’re there with a simple SMS wishing them Happy Easter. They’ve been a loyal customer all year, there doesn’t need to be a reason for the message, just check in and say ‘hello’, how’s that for customer service?

We’re working with customers from restaurants to retail stores (and everyone in-between) on their Easter campaigns; get in touch if you need inspiration or advice.

Happy Easter!



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