How to Increase Customer Loyalty With SMS Marketing

With mobile phones becoming ever more sophisticated there has been a change in customer behaviour that businesses must be aware of. Mobile phones have become, not just a communications device, but a personal hub of information; an essential tool to daily life with calendars, alarms, photographs, social media and much more.

Did you know that 4 in 5 smartphone owners now won’t leave the house without their handset?

What does this mean for mobile marketing?

This change in customer behaviour has created a need for mobile marketing to be much more personal; particularly when building customer loyalty.

Those companies who fail to deliver mobile marketing at a personal level will be quick to see a poor return on their investment and potentially get labelled as spammers – fortunately at FireText we have all the tools and experience to ensure that doesn’t happen to you!

Using SMS marketing to increase customer loyalty

SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly popular tool for brands to connect on a personal level with their customers. We’ve added a number of features to help you go that extra mile in making your text campaigns really personal, including the ‘custom fields’ option.

With FireText you can record up to three additional customised fields to help you personalise the experience for your customer. For example, you can record anything from the user’s birthday, their interests, and if you’re a vet, even their pet name.

This feature allows you to segment customers and send a more targeted message to specific customers. We’ve seen a sharp increase in customers using this feature.

Great SMS marketing example

FT Sports is a sports equipment retailer and Gareth is a hockey player. With the new hockey season just around the corner, FT Sports have new stock and there is good chance that Gareth is ready to buy new equipment.

Last year, Gareth bought his sports equipment from FT Sports, but there are lots of sports shops in the area; will Gareth stay loyal or will he shop around?

Fortunately for FT Sports, last year Gareth provided his mobile number to receive news and offers. FT Sports captured this data wisely and also recorded that Gareth is interested in hockey; not football, tennis or any other sports – meaning they only send him relevant and personalised information.

FT Sports filtered all of the customers that are interested in hockey (like Gareth), and sent a text informing them that the new hockey equipment has arrived.

Message from: FTSports

“Hi Gareth, the new hockey season is about to start! We have new equipment in stock and are here to help you get prepared…”

Making customers feel extra special

No doubt Gareth is already touched that FT Sports remembered him; but let’s go one step further and make him feel really special. FT Sports can give him a promo discount code in the text encouraging him to come back and get everything he needs for the new hockey season.

“…Show this promo code 80950 in store for 10% loyalty discount”

Gareth now feels rewarded and FT Sports retains a loyal customer – all with the power of a simple text.

Happy Fingers

SMS marketing and your business

Building customer loyalty with SMS marketing goes far beyond retail. SMS can be used to build customer relationships in all industries – from restaurants to the public sector.

With open rates of 98% and most messages opened within 5 seconds of receiving SMS is very powerful. Think how those statistics compare to other communications channels like email marketing.

If you want some great SMS marketing ideas then feel free to give us a call or send us an email – we’re here to help.

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