Marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day

Now the holiday season is officially over and we are well into the start of 2019, it’s time to start prepping your marketing for the next event in the calendar, Valentine’s Day, where one another’s significant others put in that extra bit of effort to make them feel special.

You can help remove the common struggle and stress that comes with finding the ‘perfect gift’ by dropping them a direct message, reminding them of their options. Whether you have tables still remaining, any special discounts or the perfect rose, SMS is the best way to reach them in an instant. We have put together some ideas so you can utilise SMS no matter the industry you work in:


There are several ways you can use SMS leading up to Valentine’s Day, in the hospitality industry, starting with filling your tables. Whether it’s a simple message sending out a sneak peek of the special menu you have planned, or if you have any discounted offers, you want to engage with your audience and stand out, sending a message directly to their handset is a great start! You can then use SMS for booking confirmations along with sending out a simple thank you, which will help give your customer comms an extra personal feel and improve their experience. Following up from this you can send out a helpful reminder (especially for those that planned ahead and may have booked months in advance) helping to reduce the number of no-shows and empty tables!

Marketing ideas for Valentines Day, using text messages

Retail stores

Retail is amongst many industries that will relish from the customer traffic around Valentine’s Day and SMS could be the perfect platform to help push sales. It is perfect for time-bound campaigns making it the go-to resource when you have flash, sales and offers to shout about. It can also be utilised to build up suspense for limited edition products you may have especially for Valentine’s Day, by sending out a series of messages to build up the hype will have everyone talking about it and will, therefore, help boost your sales.

Event planners

If you have any Events organised for Valentine’s day, whether you’re a dating agency planning a meet for singles or a theatre putting on a show. SMS can be used to both send out marketing messages to help sell tickets and raise awareness leading up to the event. Once you have sold a ticket you can then follow up with a confirmation message thanking them, which then also instantly reassures them that they have successfully booked in allowing them to relax knowing they have got their day planned. You can then follow up with a final message a few days before, reminding them about the fun day they have booked, which helps to build the excitement and also will improve your customer experience. Resulting in good reviews and customers returning next year!

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