SMS Marketing Campaigns For The New Year

SMS Marketing Campaigns For The New Year

The aftermath of Christmas not only brings with it a craze of cleaning up and goodbyes to relatives, but also the big thought of the New Year and what it’s going to bring with it.

Whether it be a new fitness regime, a better diet or to cut out vino! Despite being made with the hope to succeed, I am one of the many who is guilty of giving up halfway through January.

And of course, we can’t forget the next big thing to start 2019, the January sales. This helps drown the Christmas blues with the excitement of searching for the best deals from your favourite clothing line or some new tech you’ve been wanting to try out!

Whether you’re a personal trainer trying to help someone complete their goal, or a retail shop promoting your boxing day deals, SMS marketing could be the perfect solution …


As a fitness coach or personal trainer, you could help people fulfil their new year’s resolution. SMS can be used to send out reminders or confirmations for your arranged sessions, or motivational tips to encourage your clients to stick to their new fitness plan. You can also utilise SMS for when there is a change of location planned or to let your clients know about a new class. Bulk SMS messaging makes it super easy to send out an update to multiple people quickly and with mobiles never far from reach you can be more certain that they will receive it in time.

From: Lolas Fitness
“Hey Zoe, are you ready for a new fitness plan with life-changing results? The January Challenge starts Monday, get ready! For more info head to”


Boxing day sales are the mark of a change in season for most retail shops but for paying customers it’s the perfect time to get some awesome offers. As a business, you need to spread the word and build up excitement so you have people waiting to get in your store. SMS marketing could be a great way to let your customers know, by using our scheduling tool you can set up a series of messages to build up to the event. It could also be a great way to send out offers and promotional codes they can use in store, whether it be for 20% of clothes or a special January offer for a new subscription payment.

From: Fire Fashion
“The New Year starts now with 20% off across the whole Fire Fashion store! Make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome January special Opt-out? Text FFSTOP to 82228″


With the amount of usage on mobile phones only growing what better way to share the news of your awesome deals which kick off on boxing day and spread themselves across January. Drive more traffic to your website using our handy URL tracker, keep your paying customers updated on delivery times and send out your future marketing materials to keep them in the loop of future plans!

From: Fire Fashion
“Make sure you don’t miss out… We are offering 20% off 1000’s of items across our site just enter 20OFF at the checkout Opt-out? Text FFSTOP to 82228″

These are just a few of the ways you could utilise SMS in the new year. Get in touch with one of our marketing experts today, to get set up 🙂

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