What is SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing (short message service marketing) is the act of communicating a marketing message with customers or leads via SMS message to their mobile phone. The first SMS message was sent out on December 1992 and simply read ‘Merry Christmas’. It has now grown and evolved into an essential tool that is used across the globe with over 18 billion SMS messages being sent a day and has become one of the go-to communication platforms for businesses and just like any other platform, you can choose to either send in bulk or to an individual.

Why SMS Marketing will benefit your business

Over 88%1 of adults own a mobile phone (and this is only increasing), it is uncommon that you will see someone without their handset at arms reach away despite how tech-savvy (or not) they may be. Businesses can take advantage of this to start growing their database and build customer relationships, whether they are looking to send out promotional offers, updates, reminder messages, customer service or support SMS proves to be a great solution.

What is SMS marketing?

You can’t ignore text messages

How often would you receive a text and ignore it or delete it before even reading it? Not only do SMS messages benefit from an open rate of 98%2 which is much higher than other forms of digital communication but they make it super convenient for businesses to be able to send out a bulk marketing campaign in a matter of minutes.

What makes a successful SMS Marketing Campaign?

By creating specific SMS groups you are able to target your customers and make your messages super personalised, which is a great way to stand out above the possible competition. It’s often said short and sweet is the way, however, you shouldn’t be afraid to send longer messages when it comes down to promoting your brand and products. It’s also really important to build trust between you and the user, a great way of doing this is making it clear who the message is from and it is something they will recognise. You will benefit from utilising key features such as URL tracking, as it will help you work out which messages are generating the best response. Remember you don’t always have to be selling something, SMS can be an amazing customer service tool to build satisfaction, loyalty and long-term success. Great communication is key.

Why SMS is also great for your customers

SMS marketing (also known as text marketing) isn’t just an awesome benefit for your business but this could also be great for your customers. Mobile phones have taken the place of everyone’s right-hand man when it comes to both business and day to day life. Whether its communication, scheduling events or reminders it all revolves around their handset. By utilising SMS for your business you are going directly to the user, it will simply just pop up straight on their screen and because 94% of SMS are read within five minutes3 of being sent you will be sure your customers won’t miss out on the awesome offers or the urgent reminders you are sending them!

SMS will be the perfect solution for your business, get in touch with one of our marketing experts today 😊

1 Source: UK edition, Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Jun 2018
2 Source: Frost & Sullivan
3 Source: Ofcom

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