Testing Testing…123!

We’ve all done it, sent a message, checked back and realised damn auto-correct has made us look very silly indeed! It can be a bit of a joke between friends or family, but don’t make the same mistake with your customers…

Whether you’re sending to a group of 100 customers, or a group of 100,000 make sure you always send a test to ensure your message is exactly as you hoped and to prevent any embarrassment.


What are you looking for?


Make sure the senderID looks exactly how you want it e.g. your brand or event name with no spelling mistakes, or the correct reply number if you want to receive responses.

Spelling & Grammar

Check your spelling and grammar, you only have 160 characters so it shouldn’t take long to give it a thorough once over!


Does it look like a text message? Is it easy to read and action, try it on more than one handset and get your colleagues opinion if you can.

Call to Action

Have you given them a clear call to action? You might want them to call, reply or click a link. Make sure it’s obvious and give them an incentive to boost interaction.


Is the link correct? Have you clicked on it? Make sure everything points exactly where you want it to go – you can’t undo this after the message has been sent.

Double check everything and only click SEND when you’re 100% happy with the test campaign.

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