The Top 6 Most Powerful CTAs for Your SMS Marketing Campaign

As with any marketing campaign, your text message marketing is only as good as your call to action. The call to action tells your customers what to do, making it easier for them to engage with your company. Although your CTA may just have a few words, the entire text should complement it. Your messages should provide value, get the attention of your subscribers, create a sense of urgency, and incite emotion. If you are looking for some ideas for compelling SMS marketing calls to action, try one of the following powerful messages.

Show this Text

Show this text is an easy yet effective CTA. It works well when you are offering a deal, discount, exclusive access, or some other benefit at a physical location. The deal or offer itself grabs the attention of the customer, and adding a time limit for offer redemption creates a sense of urgency. By using show this text as your CTA, you offer a clear and concise way for subscribers to take action, improving your engagement and conversion rates.

Click Here

For SMS marketing messages that provide information, click here can be a powerful CTA. It works well when you share information about events, such as reminders or pre-sale ticket information. The message itself will be short, but your customers can click on a link to learn more.

Opt In

Before you can start texting people, it is essential that they have actually given you permission to do so. You can include a CTA asking prospective subscribers to opt in to your SMS campaign on your marketing collateral. Simply include a keyword and shortcode or long code that people text in order to opt into your program. To grow your subscriber list, consider offering a special discount to people who sign up to receive texts from your business.

Text to Win

People love contests. Text to win is another CTA that can be used in multiple places. You can send information to your current subscribers about your contest, including the keyword to text. Advertise your ‘text to win’ contest in different places to grab the attention of potential subscribers as well.

Text to Vote

Polls can be a great way to engage your customers while also finding out information about them. To make this work, you send out a message asking a question and then provide two or more keywords that your customers can text to vote. The keyword that gets the most votes wins. Your text to vote campaign can be connected to your company, such as what colour to make a new product or menu item to add, or it can be something fun, such as favourite football team. It can also be used in promotional material to attract more subscribers to your SMS marketing campaign.

Buy Now

Another simple CTA to include in your SMS marketing messages is buy now. It is possible to hyperlink the phrase so that smartphone users go directly to your mobile site, making it very easy for your customers to buy. Smartphone and tablet shopping accounts for roughly 40 percent of online retail sales, and including a buy now link in your texts can help you take advantage of this.

These are just a few ways that you can motivate your customers to engage with your company through a short — but powerful — text message CTA. Are you ready to get started with SMS marketing? Try us free to see which CTA works best for you.

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