Fill Vacancies Fast With SMS

As a busy recruitment specialist, you probably spend lots of time on the phone to candidates updating them on their application and reminding them about interview details. If you have to do this for every candidate (and every vacancy) this can end up taking over your day! SMS messages can dramatically increase the speed that vacancies are filled by communicating with all candidates at once, without losing that personal touch; saving you money, resources and most importantly – precious time.

fill vancancies with sms

Be discreet

Lots of candidates are already in employment when looking for a new job. By sending an SMS message instead of calling them, you’re updating them instantly whilst also keeping it discreet and not interfering with their working day. If you need to arrange an interview time or talk about their application, they can call back when it’s convenient to talk.

Hello Holly, we’ve got some great news about your application! Give us a call when it’s convenient to arrange an interview time. Thanks, Recruitment Team

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Update on application

Notifying and updating candidates of any changes to their application via SMS not only keeps them in the loop but is effortless for busy recruitment consultants and takes no longer than sending a message from your own phone!

Hello Holly, just checking in to let you know the applications are being reviewed today, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear any news!

Reach all candidates at once

Fill vacancies and save time by using our personalisation tool and rather than sending a message to each candidate; reach out to all of them, in an instant with one message – individually personalised for each candidate. Upload contacts with first names, surnames and mobile number as well as three additional custom fields e.g. job reference or interview time.

Hello Holly, we’ve received your application for job ref: 5436 and are pleased to confirm an interview at 10am on Wednesday. Good luck!

Confirm appointments

A confirmation message or gentle reminder of appointment details is really handy for candidates, especially when it’s instantly available in their pocket. Add a link to the company website or direction details to ensure candidates have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Good luck with your interview on Wednesday at 10am. For more details on the company and directions to the office: Speak soon! Recruitment Team

Target industry groups

Contact groups of candidates with new job vacancies to generate some interest, split contacts up by industry to ensure you only target candidates interested in the job vacancy and let them get in touch if they are interested.

Hello Holly, we have an exciting 30k job in the marketing sector, based in London. If you’re interested you can simply reply to this text or call 01326 620 000

Generate interest with keywords

Set-up multiple keywords on you dedicated reply number or our shared shortcode and encourage people to text in with their interest. Advertise the keywords in your office window, your website or in print adverts providing candidates with a quick and easy way to show their interest.

Text APPLY to 82228 to show interest in this position.

Take this one step further and set up an auto-reply so that anyone texting in can be sure their enquiry has been received – you can even add a link into the auto-reply to enable candidates to apply instantly!

Thanks for your interest in our marketing vacancy, to see the full job description and application details click here:

Adding SMS to your communications toolkit will not only save you time, keep your communication costs down and help fill those vacancies quickly. It’s also a tried and tested way of staying in touch with candidates in a way we know they love, have access to and is guaranteed to be seen.

Did you know we already integrate with recruitment software specialists; Itris?

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