Using SMS Text Marketing in Your Marketing Mix

FireText is packed full of exciting features, all of which can individually contribute to boosting your marketing campaign and increasing value for the customer. With so many exciting features there might be some you are unaware of. Are you using text marketing to its full potential?

What is the Marketing Mix?

For those unfamiliar with the marketing mix, imagine your business represented in the form of a cake – yummy. All businesses will have different ingredients that make up their cake. Some cakes (businesses) will be different sizes. The marketing mix studies 7 ingredients to your business: product, price, promotion, place, process, people and physical evidence, assessing how each of them perform.

Marketing Mix Cake

We’ve taken a look at how SMS text marketing can be used to add value in different aspects of your marketing mix to make your customers want more of your delicious cake.


Text marketing can add value to your product or service; especially post purchase. Have a think of some of the problems your customers encounter after they purchase from you. Can you add value by helping them? For example, a travel agent could add a link to a text message post-booking to instantly solve a customer problem and drive traffic to their website:

‘You’re almost set to go on your holiday! Here is our pre-flight shopping list to make sure you’ve got everything you need: Enjoy your trip!’

Is there any support or additional content you can send your customers post purchase?


Use a simple text message to reward loyal customers. Send discount promo codes to those customers who will really appreciate it and develop advocacy with a simple text.

A restaurant could send:
“Hi Simon, we have a new menu for summer. Come and try the new dishes this June. Show this promo code 80931 at the bar for 20% off.”

Do you reward your loyal customers enough?


The possibilities for promotion with text marketing are endless; some of the other illustrations in this post could arguably be seen as promotional activities. For the purposes of this article, we will consider push communication to be classed as promotion.

An event company could send:
“Tickets are now available to attend our event on the 20th June. Click to find out more and book your place”.


Got a 9-5 business on the high street? Don’t close communication when you shut at 5pm. Use a keyword on our 82228 shortcode to generate leads and business outside of hours.

For example, a carpet retailer could display the following message in their shop window.
“Need to get a free measure and estimate? Text MEASURE to 82228 and we’ll contact you when we’re next open to book a suitable time.”

Are you open for business 24/7?


Use text messaging to make processes work better. Send gentle reminders to customers – whilst also reducing unwanted costs such as missed appointments.

“Hi Dan, this is a reminder that you have an appointment tomorrow at 9am. If you can no longer attend then reply CANCEL or call us on 01326 620 000.”

This feature is particularly powerful when integrated with CRM software.


Use FireText’s URL functionality to monitor how your staff represent your brand and much more.
“We hope you enjoyed your stay. How did we do? Please leave us a review.”

With high open rates, SMS is highly effective at driving response rates for reviews on websites like trip advisor.

Physical Evidence

Use FireText’s SMS auto reply feature to give your customers some extra reassurance. The auto-reply function allows you to confirm orders and let customers know you’ve received their text.

Going back to the example of the carpet retailer, the auto-reply could be:
“Thank you for your request for a free measure and estimate. We will be in contact shortly.”


At FireText we believe in an extra ‘P’ – Personality. Text marketing is a very personal way of engaging with customers, so make sure you use this to your full potential by demonstrating your brands personality in all your SMS communications.

“Hey dude… just wanted to make sure you were completely stoked with your new skateboard. You can reply to this text. Alex.”

Your Marketing Mix

Are there any elements of your marketing mix that could be improved with SMS text marketing? If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, feel free to contact FireText.

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