FireText’s SMS Branded URL!

The FireText SMS Platform is packed with awesome features, that we are continuously developing in order to ensure your business can get the most out of your SMS campaigns. As a company, we believe personalisation is the key to a successful campaign as it ensures you’re engaging with your customers and standing out from competitors.

As such we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our Vanity URL feature. Within the online SMS app, we have the ability to shorten a URL down to just 20 characters, and upon sending, it will create a unique link, which allows you to track exactly who has clicked on your link at what time and on what device! 

As a default, your URL would be shortened down something like the following, ‘’ with the last 6 digits being a unique reference for that recipient. However, we have the ability to take this feature to the next level and personalise it to your own business. You can pass your desired shortened URL and we will port it into our platform at no extra cost! 

The URL tracker is perfect for SMS marketing campaigns, where you would like to direct your customers to more information. Whether this is a booking page, a website, an online form and so on. By having the ability to track exactly who is clicking on your links allows you to easily manage the success of your campaign. 

By using the Vanity URL you will be able to continue to inject personality within your message and ensure that your branding remains consistent. Additionally, it will also ensure your URL is more recognisable for your customers, so when they see it they will instantly associate it with your business. Because of this, you will find your click-through rate improves as your audience will be confident that it links through to your company and they will trust it more than a generic shortend URL. 

What’s also awesome about using the Vanity URL is that it’s also an easy way to save characters within your text message! Instead of wasting SMS Characters on a long URL, our Vanity URL allows you to have a shortened link. Therefore you would have spare characters to use within your message, which could be used on additional personalisation such as including their name within the message or introducing yourself and the business at the start.

Using the feature is also perfect for planning follow up SMS campaigns, as you could send out another bulk text message targeted to all those customers who clicked on the link, providing them with more information, or directing them to a similar product in order to boost sales. On the other hand for those that didn’t click the link, a follow-up campaign could be sent, to remind them of your previous message, or you could send a text which advertises an alternative product or service that they may be more interested in.

If you would like to find out more about our awesome Vanity URL feature then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly SMS experts who will be able to talk you through exactly how to get this up and running. We are also on standby to help if you wanted to discuss any other plans and ideas you have for SMS within your business. 

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