Bounce back from COVID stronger than ever with SMS

Little by little, the UK Government has begun to lift the restrictions in place for industries and all of our favourite spots have started to open. For everyone, it’s a relief that the world is beginning to return to normality, however, there is still the unknown lingering. Business times have changed, new restrictions have been put in place and customers remain wary of their surroundings.

This is where SMS can help your business, we have put together some awesome text campaign ideas for how you can help and engage with your customers as you begin to return to post lockdown life.

If your business has had to temporarily close due to COVID-19 and you are gearing up to reopen, a bulk SMS campaign is the perfect resource! You are able to reach out to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people in an efficient and effective way. You could send out a simple message to your customer base to let them know your opening and you’re looking forward to welcoming them back, this is a great way to subtly kick start your text marketing again. 

 Not to forget over 5 billion people own a mobile phone2, so SMS offers you the perfect opportunity to have direct communication with your customers and with a 98%1 open rate, you can almost be certain that when your SMS message is delivered it will be read.

You can include a trackable SMS URL within your message which highlights your new opening times and services, alternatively, you could direct them to a booking page. Your business can even decide to have a branded trackable URL, using our awesome Vanity URL feature too. Just get in touch with a member of our team to find out more!

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During the lockdown, businesses jumped at the opportunity to think up new ideas of how they could continue to operate whilst the government restrictions were in place, whether this was offering food delivery, at-home beauty solutions or resources to work remotely. In some instances, these solutions were only temporary however in other instances they proved to be successful. For customers, there could be some confusion on what services are now available and FireText’s SMS platform is a great resource to notify customers of what you are still offering as a business. 

Your top priority, when re-opening is to ensure you are creating a safe environment, that your customers and staff are comfortable in and what better way to ensure you do this successfully than to ask them directly. With our online text platform, you have the ability to set up SMS surveys. These can be created within a matter of minutes using our FireText Reply number and SMS Keywords, you could ask them to rate your service and follow up with a question to see if they have any suggestions for improvement. This will help to increase engagement with your customers, while also building their confidence within your business, which will ensure they continue to shop with you.

FireText also offers the perfect opportunity for you to implement a secure Track and Trace functionality. By utilising one of our handy SMS reply numbers, customers can text in their name and you will be able to have an accurate log of everyone who has been in your building. If you are interested in finding out exactly how this could work for your business we have put together details on our SMS Track and Trace service here.

We have a team of SMS experts who are on hand to help. Above are just a few of the many ways you can utilise SMS to ensure your business bounce back from COVID-19, stronger than ever. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any potential plans or upcoming SMS campaigns for your business. 

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