Use SMS to re-build your Customer Relationships

Communicating and reconnecting with customers is an essential part of bouncing back from the COVID-19 lockdown for businesses. For a long period of time marketing came to a halt, businesses were closed and the communication was lost between industry and consumer. However with the lockdown easing and industry opening to the public, its the perfect time to start rebuilding your customer relationships and SMS is the ideal solution to help kickstart the communication.

The FireText SMS platform is packed with awesome features to help make the process super simple and efficient. For example, you could easily encourage footfall to return to your store or restaurant by offering an exclusive offer that customers can claim when visiting you. You can send this out to your database within minutes, via a quick and easy bulk SMS campaign. There is no better way to welcome back your customers with a one time offer, to motivate them to act instantly. 

Sending out a bulk SMS message, including an awesome offer is also a great way to spread the word that you’re excited to welcome your customers back. You could send a follow-up campaign to highlight any updates and changes. Whether you’ve had to adapt your opening times or put new safety measures in place, your SMS campaign is the perfect way to let them know instantly and directly. 

Within our online text platform, you also have the option to set up SMS Keywords, whether this is on our reply numbers or shared shortcode, it’s the perfect lead generation tool. You can start making up for lost time right away by advertising your keyword across your website or other marketing material. As soon as a potential or existing customer texts your keyword they will be instantly added to your contact list and you can start reaching out to them right away. 

By utilising one of our FireText reply numbers your customers have the opportunity to initiate conversations with you as well as being able to respond to messages you send them. By having the ability for two way SMS you’re allowing customers to engage with your business, which helps boost your customer relationships. It also allows your business to communicate with customers on a personal level, this will help rebuild your brand loyalty and encourage customers to return to you.

Within your account, it’s also super easy to manage your SMS contacts. On the FireText system, you have the ability to upload as many contacts as you wish and these can easily be segmented into multiple different groups. This makes it perfect for your businesses to be able to send out targeted campaigns easily. The more personal and specific your campaigns are to your recipients, the better engagement and response you will receive. As an example, you could split your customers into groups depending on whether they are a prospect, a regular spender or a customer who hasn’t purchased in a long period of time. You could then use these groups to send out specific offers or highlight certain products which you think will relate to each audience. 

These are just a few ways the FireText SMS Platform can be used to help build those all-important relationships with your customers. If you wanted to discuss some ideas for SMS and see how it could help your business further then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a number of friendly SMS experts on standby to help you!

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