FireText’s SMS platform can help your Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused an uncontrollable change, which has lead to new challenges, especially for businesses and because of this companies will have to adapt in order to continue their normal routines as much as possible.

Communication is key to ensure everyone within the business, both staff and customers, are kept up to date with relevant information. By keeping in touch with your team you will find it is much easier to work remotely and adapt to the new changes that have been enforced to ensure everyone remains safe during this time.

You may find your self working from home, delivering food or managing online lessons. The pandemic will affect everyone in different ways, however, we are here to help! 

SMS is an awesome way to keep in touch with your team and your customers. The majority of people within the UK own a mobile phone with access to a signal and statistics show that SMS campaigns have an impressive 98% open rate. These factors make it the perfect way to send out your important updates and information.

Below are some handy ideas for how your business can use SMS to both adapt to the new working conditions as well as things you can do to prepare yourselves for when the world returns to normality.

Bulk SMS Campaigns 

Using the FireText system, you are able to send out Bulk SMS campaigns in a matter of minutes, despite the number of recipients. This allows you to reach multiple people in a cost and time effective manner, making it perfect for that Business Continuity Plan that is key in a situation like this.

As part of your Business Continuity Plan, you need to be able to send out updates for your business and be sure that the recipients are both receiving and reading them. Compared to other marketing channels, such as email, statistics show SMS has an extremely high open-rate. Also when using the FireText system, you can make use of some of our awesome features such as our templates or delivery reporting. These ensure you can have a seamless and effective communication platform.

Two way SMS

FireText’s SMS Marketing platform allows for two way text messaging, which is perfect for your business during these uncertain times. As well as sending messages out to provide updates, you can offer customers an option where they can get in touch with you. Which is not only a great way to keep them engaged and involved within your brand, but also gives them confidence that you’re on standby to assist. 

It is super easy for them to be able to send you a quick message with any pressing questions that they may have. What’s also handy is you have the ability to set up an auto-reply on your number, so when a customer texts in, you could have a response going right back to them, just to let them know that you have received their message and you will be in touch.

Customer service is something that people remember and talk about, so if you continue to provide the best experience you can as a business, you will find that when the world returns to normality you will still have a secure customer base that is continuing to grow. 

SMS Keywords

Keywords are a great way for existing and potential customers to engage and show interest in your business. They can simply text your chosen keyword to our shortcode 82228 and they will have automatically opted into your SMS contact list. This doesn’t have to be focused on your marketing campaigns, but instead, it can be a way for people to opt in to the updates they wish to receive. 

What’s awesome is that similarly to the reply number, you can set up an auto-reply on your keyword. This could be anything from a simple thank you message because they signed up, or a link to provide them with more information.

As an example, keywords are a great tool for those businesses in the hospitality sector that have had to adapt their services or temporarily close due to COVID-19. By advertising your keyword across your popular social media channels, users who are already following you can opt in to receive up to date information on what’s changed or when you will be re-opening. You could also advertise the keyword, to share information on your new delivery service. People could text it and an auto-reply could be sent back including a link to your delivery options. 

There are many ways SMS can help your business stay on track during the COVID-19 Pandemic and our friendly team of SMS experts are on standby to help. So whether you have an active account with us and you’re looking to adapt your plans, or you’re looking to get up and running with a new SMS account please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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