How-To: Upload Contacts

The thought of uploading tonnes of contacts at once can seem daunting…but it’s really not, uploading contacts is a breeze – trust me!

Let’s get your first group set up…

STEP 1: Head to the CONTACTS tab in your account and click ADD CONTACTS

STEP 2: Here’s where you ADD A NEW GROUP or select an existing group from the drop-down list

You can name your group whatever you like! The FROM box is your senderID (No more than 11 alphanumeric characters)


If you don’t have a group description, not to worry, you can just pop the name of the group in the description box (this is just to remind you what the group is for)

STEP 3: When you’re happy you can SAVE CHANGES and you’ve created a new group 🙂

Now you can start adding some numbers!

Your new group should already be selected in the select a group box

STEP 4: Make sure the upload CSV option is ticked if uploading a file, if you want to manually enter your numbers tick the copy and paste option


STEP 5: Now select your file, or enter your numbers and hit NEXT STEP

STEP 6: Here a MATCH COLUMNS box will appear, this just gives you a chance to confirm that your data is under the appropriate column headings


STEP 7: When you’re happy click UPLOAD CONTACTS and you’re done 🙂

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